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SQL Server Interview Questions
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can you any body tell me simple recovery,full recovery,bulk logged recovery where can use?

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one table has four field id,name,design,salary. i have to find maximum salary .

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1.what is stored procedure?Its significance with example? 2.Explain about index with syntax and example? plz do reply.........

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you are provided with the single table having say 4 col ie fname lname age city , now the all records with displying of only fname and lname is required but in this format say my name is abhay khanna it will come like this abhay-khanna rahul-roy gaurav-singh the above format is required

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How to find the date and time of last updated table?


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1.what is the difference between view and cursor? 2.If we do any change in view will it affect the database,similarly when we do changes in cursor will it affect the databse?with certain example?Thanks

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1.what is the purpose of using alias name in sql server? with certain example? 2.what is cursor?will u plz explain me in detail with certain example?

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What value could be assigned to Varchar Type?

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Would it be a good idea to create an index on a table that always contains 10 records? Why or why not?

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What types of integrity are enforced by a foreign-key constraint

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What are the main control-of-flow T-SQL constructs?

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What are the two virtual tables SQL Server maintains for triggers?

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What does the INSTEAD OF trigger do?

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What are explicit and implicit transactions?


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What are the two types of concurrency?

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Un-Answered Questions { SQL Server }

What is merge?


Explain foreign key in sql server?


What are the different types of locks in the database?


What are the restrictions while creating batches in sql server?


how can you check the level of fragmentation on a table? : Sql server administration


which backup strategy you are following at ur company


Can truncate be rolled back?


Explain the properties of the relational tables?


What is subquery explain with example?


What do you understand by user-defined function in the sql server?


What is the difference between dropping a database and taking a database offline?


What happens to a statement batch if there is a compilation error?


What are page splits?


What is indexing in sql server with example?


As per your opinion what are the five top responsibilities of a dba? : sql server database administration