SQL Server Interview Questions
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What is a NOLOCK?

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How do SQL server 2000 and XML linked?

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What is the difference between HAVING clause and the WHERE clause?

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Explain what are db_options used for?


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how to know description of a table in sqlserver 2000

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plz send every query in sql server2000


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How to Execute an Operating System Command From Within SQL Server ?

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How can I create a plain-text flat file from SQL Server as input to another application?

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Can you create UNIQUE and PRIMARY KEY constraints on computed columns in SQL Server 2000?


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The Difference between 'Count' and 'Count(*)'

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How do I list the available tables in a database I'm querying?

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How to count the number of duplicate items in a table?

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is it possible to use a variable in a query with the IN clause (a,b,c..z), without getting quotes or conversion errors?

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How to give a user the option of importing Excel and a delimited text file into a SQL Server Database without manually using SQL DTS?


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Is it possible to create tables in stored procedures using a variable for the table name?

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If user is owning any SQL Objects, can we drop that user


how do you determine the Load performance of any query in sql server {example how do u determine performance of a select stmnt which returns Dynamically many no of records ... some times 100,1000,10000 etc., }


How much memory that we are using in Logshipping Concept?


what is the Ticketing tool used in Wipro technologies at Bangalore...???


What is the query optimization statistics?


How do we upgrade from SQL Server 6.5 to 7.0 and 7.0 to 2000?


How to restore performance issues and how to check?


How do you Implement SSIS Packages in your Project?


Hi, I Created 3 Tables Person(PersID[prkey],Name,Email,Password), Project(ProjName,ProjID[prkey],ProjLeader,ProjManager) & ProjectInvolvement(EntryDate,ProjID[frkey],PersID[frkey],ProjDuration). For this how can i INSERT,UPDATE & DELETE Through PROCEDURE? Please Post the Answer for me. Desai.


wat wil hapn if we give the both read and deny read permission to user?


optimization techinques


1.what are diff types of joins , and explain diff between cross join and full outer join 2.diff types of views 3. Diff types of index 4. What is diff b/w stores procedure and function procedure 5.diff between double and int in SQL 6.diff between char and varchar in SQL. 7.Oracle or SQL whice you will preferred and why.


Can we make the the chages By Using the Sql if u know any function or process please inform me Actuall result: BRK1 Break 1 Part 1 00:01:00:00 60 BRK1 Break 1 Part 2 00:01:00:00 60 BRK2 Break 2 Part 1 00:01:00:00 60 BRK2 Break 2 Part 2 00:01:00:00 60 BRK2 Break 2 Part 3 00:01:00:00 60 BRK3 Break 3 Part 1 00:01:00:00 60 BRK3 Break 3 Part 2 00:01:00:00 60 Desired O/P: BRK1 Break 1 Part 1 00:01:00:00 60 Part 2 00:01:00:00 60 BRK2 Break 2 Part 1 00:01:00:00 60 Part 2 00:01:00:00 60 Part 3 00:01:00:00 60


hi, how to link a text file and a .rpt file in my tables of sql server and to retrieve those records for further use. reply me as soon as possible.


tell me the disaster recovery plan