SQL Server Interview Questions
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What is database replicaion? What are the different types of replication you can set up in SQL Server?

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How to determine the service pack currently installed on SQL Server?


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Can you have a nested transaction?


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What is an extended stored procedure? Can you instantiate a COM object by using T-SQL?


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What is the system function to get the current user's user id?


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There is a trigger defined for INSERT operations on a table, in an OLTP system. The trigger is written to instantiate a COM object and pass the newly insterted rows to it for some custom processing. What do you think of this implementation? Can this be implemented better?


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What is the datatype returned by count(*)

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how to write test cases for testing databases,especially for testing and writing test cases for stored procedures.any real time database testers.please answer me.


Can I remove the default constraint columns in SQL SERVER?

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What is the difference between distinct clause and group by clause?

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can we call stored Procedure in Function in Sql Server 2000 and vice versa.

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What is an extended Stored Procedure?

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What is Trigger?


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What is a view? is View updatable?


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What is the difference between having and where clause?

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In one interview...interviewer ask me question pleas tell me sql server architecture.. can any body tell me the sql server architecture with digram


How do use Having,Group by,Group function in SQL?


can any body tell me how to know the password of current user in sql server


In my application I have a process which picks the scanned files (tif format) from a shared location and it links to application and shown on it.The actuall issue is that my process picks the file before it is completly written or scanned which results in displaying few parts of the image or incomplete image.I need to check if the file is not completly scanned or written then do not link it to application.Please help if any body tell me that how can i check that file is in written phase or locked through DTS.thanking you in advance


what is isolation level at dead lock?


Hi all, can any one please tell me the difference between sql server 2008 and orace 9i


What is the difference between online clustering and Offline clustering?


What is Lock table in SQL?


what is difference between view and Dip.


1.how to find the dead lock in sql server? 2.How to fine the memory leaks in sql server? 3.suppose transaction log file increasing what action will take ?


query processing


Write a Select Query to display title for each group of records, which are collected with Compute Clause? Like titlefield column-A column-B ..... ..... ..... Sum ... titlefield column-A column-B ..... ..... ..... Sum ...


how can you attach more than 20 ldf files in sql server


How we create SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services ? Give me Sample


what is the sql equivaent of the dataset relation object ?