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Networking Administration Interview Questions
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X windows maps to which OSI layer ? a. application b. presentation c. session d. transport e. network

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Which layer consists of dialogs and regulates conversations ? a. Application b. Presentation c. Session d. Transport

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List 4 session layer standards

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Which layer does: flow control, windowing, error recovery ? a. data-link b. network c. transport d. session

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T/F: 802.3 can not "see" upper layers.

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what makes transport layer independent from upper layer services ? a. TDI b. TLI c. NDIS d. SRB

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What does the MAC sublayer of the Data Link Layer do ? (choose all that apply) a. builds frames b. checks to see that nothing got damaged in transit by CRC c. determines "which machine goes first on the wire" d. provides path to the destination host e. Gets data on and off the wire

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The 802 standards committee divided the Data Link Layer of the OSI model into the ___ and ___ sublayers.

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You need to implement an Ethernet 100 MBPS network, what do you use? a. Coaxial b. UTP 3 c. UTP 5 d. Fiber optic

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What is the name for the number sequence needed for handling an IP address? a. MAC b. Gateway Address c. Sock number d. Node number e. Subnet mask

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What provide assurance of packet delivery? a. Connectionless oriented b. Connection oriented

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802.X is /collision detect a.3 b.4 c.5 d.12

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What protocol counts hops from router to router to find the shortest path? a. DHCP b. RIP c. SNMP d. IP e. DLC

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In a peer-to-peer network, each computer can act as both a server and a _____ .

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In a peer-to-peer network, what type of servers wont be there ?

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if one server is down, whenever restart the machine we get ok prompt what is the problem?


What do you use to write documentation? Editor? Mail reader?


Explain one advantage of mesh topology?


how i can Design a client–server network with two servers operating at 100Base- T Fast Ethernet speed and the clients operating at regular 10Base-T Ethernet speed using a 10/100 Mbps NIC. The hub is located in a wiring closet, but the servers and clients are not. Assume that a satisfactory performance is achieved at 40% utilization of the LAN.


Give some drawbacks of implementing a ring topology?


Describe a recent short term stressful situation and how you managed it?


I am using solaris box, I need to delete a file from path /usr/tmp/ which r older than 24 hours?


How many layers are under tcp/ip?


I am to introduce a new financial product through nationalised Banks.How I could monitor the dealings,ie.payment made or withdrawn from the accounts of our clients and how the customers could read the details of their accounts through the mobiles.


Define nos?


Define rsa algorithm?


Describe vpn?


Which application protocol can not be blocked by the Switch?


Explain VLAN concepts


Response of switch when we send different vlan data from different port using same mac id.