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Networking Administration Interview Questions
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In nslookup, how do you set DNS server to be some other machine than the system default ?

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How do you search for MX records under nslookup ?

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Which 2 protocols does Solaris use in the Transport layer ?

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Which one of TCP and UDP is connectionless ?

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Which standar does IEE 802.4 define ?

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Which standard does IEEE 802.5 define ?

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Which layer handles the transport of messages between communication partners, controls the flow of data, and defines the transport quality.

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Which layer performs basic functions such as file transfer, virtual terminal and job transfer are realized (SMTP, FTP, telnet, NFS, SNMP).

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Which layer regulates transmission of unstructured bit streams over a transmission medium with regards to transmission speed, representation of signals and connection technique.

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Which layer enables users on different machines to establish sessions between them.

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Which layer ensures messages reach their destination system via an optimal route (done by planning the route).

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Which layer stipulates a transfer syntax ( represents a coiling agreement).

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What is called as a series of bits with a well-defined beginning and ending.

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IEEE 802.3 defines what type of standards.

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Which one of TCP and UDP is faster than the other ?

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What platforms do you currently work on at your desk?


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