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Networking Administration Interview Questions
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Which command will packets between server1 and server2 from logfile /home/adm/packets?

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Which command will show all info on packet#220 from file /home/adm/packets ?

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Which command will extract all server1 packets from the /home/adm/packets and write them to the file /home/adm/ps2 ?

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You want to know how your Solaris Machine intends to route packets to a host with IP . Which command should you run ?

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Can you run "route get" commands without superuser previlege ?

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Which command allows you to monitor the routing requests that are not getting resolved from the routing table ?

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Which command balnks out the routing table ?

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Solaris will run routed if what file exists.

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Solaris will run routed if the default route is not defined in the __ file .

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´╗┐What protocol would you include to manage your network ? a. SNMP b. NetBEUI c. CHAP d. IPX

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Why does a high number of broadcast messages adversely affect overall network performance? a. Each broadcast message requires an acknowledgement packet from every computer on the network b. No computer on the network can transmit data until each broadcast message has been acknowledged by every computer on the network c. Broadcast messages are automatically routed to every segment of a LAN d. Every computer on the network must process each broadcast message

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What is the IP of the loopback interface ?

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Which protocol does "ping" use ?

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Which freeware tool uses ICMP to send packets with small TTL to determine route ?

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Which solaris command is used to troubleshoot DNS problems ?

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What is tunnel mode?


Define mac addresses?


Can you please explain the difference between hub and a switch?


whenever install patch cluster, system will be restart what is the problem?


What is star topology?


Tell me when troubleshooting computer network problems, what common hardware-related problems can occur?


Please list the types of Firewalls, Routers, Switches, and Servers that you have managed.


Can you please explain the difference between csma/cd and csma/ca?


how to set kernal parameters in solaris 10&9?


Can you please explain the difference between straight-through and crossover cable?


Unable to connect to local DB


Do you know what is the purpose of cables being shielded and having twisted pairs?


What is the major disadvantage of a star topology?


How a switch will identify that it has received a STP packet


What will happen if we send untagged packet to a tagged port