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Networking Administration Interview Questions
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Can a user without superuser previlege run "ifconfig hme0" ?

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Which command will display the entire RAP table ?

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How long does an entry stay in the arp table by default ?

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Cached ethernet addresses are stored for about 5 minutes and is used to avoid a rebroadcast. This is called ____________ .

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In the "Flags" column of the arp table, "S" means ?

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In the "Flags" column of the arp table, "P" means ?

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Which command would add a static entry to the arp table for the host server1 whose MAC address is 00:00:0c:07:ac:90 ?

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Which process responds to the RARP requests ?

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IP is built into the system's ?

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Which protocol allows routers to send control or error messages to other machines.

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The process of units of data being broken into smaller units is called

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The first octet of the IP address of a Class A host must be between __ and __

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Maximum number of hosts in a Class A network is :

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The destination address used while sending a packet to all hosts in the network is called

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The last octet of the broadcast address of a Class C network is :

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