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Networking Administration Interview Questions
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It is advisable not to use telnet because of security problems. Which program should you use instead ?

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Which freeware program will let you have fine-grain control over which machines can or can not telnet/rlogin into your machine ?

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You have an account in your machine with user id of 0, but it is not root. Will this user have superuser previleges ?

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What is called a set of physically connected computers in relatively small physical area.

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In network topology what is called as one large coaxial cable joins all the computers.

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Which topology, uses centralized hub from which a number of signals carrying cables goes out to individual devices on the branch.

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Which topology is like the star topology except output node connects to the input of the next node.

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What is a device that amplifies and regenerates the data signal bit by bit.

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repeator, bridge, switch, router, gateway, or hub are examples of

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ATM uses howmany bytes long cells.

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Which option of the snoop command tells it to be verbose ?

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Which option of the snoop command tells it to display from a host ?

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Which command tells the state of the Ethernet interfaces ?

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Your Ultra 1 has a 100Mbps Fast Ethernet Card. What is the name of the interface ?

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Which command displays information about network interface hme0 ?

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Explain how dynamic host configuration protocol aid in network administration?


how to set kernal parameters in solaris 10&9?


whenever we give #metastat cmd in svm, it display output "need to maintain" state, what u do?


What is the behavior of the L2 Switch in case of receiving a multicast packet.


Define one basic requirement for establishing vlans?


Explain how to securing a computer network?


what command to restore if the boot block is corrupted in linux


how to merge solaris partition?


Whether the default hello timer value is same across STP,RSTP and MSTP


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how to add additional instances sar r3, what are the steps to take server is down.


please forward Apache server and tomcat server questions and answers


Tell me what advantages does fiber optics have over other media?


whenever install patch cluster, system will be restart what is the problem?


How network topology affect your decision in setting up a network?