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Linux Commands Interview Questions
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what is the difference between RHEL4 & RHEL5?


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i dont know root password then this situation can we change or break root password to ant process

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How to block the message in wall command some students are send messages to all in the lab. please help me

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1. Why "d" is postfix in almost every service name of Linux like httpd, dhcpd? 2. how to restrict su & ssh services for some users? 3. how can we configure a default gateway for 10 n/w cards in a server?

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Write a cron entry for the following scenario:- At 10:30 AM for every Sunday of every 1st month of a quarter.


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who invented unix?


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what are the init levels in Linux?

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Explain Backup Managment commands in Linux.

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Compare between SYS V launched processes and Xinetd processes in Linux.

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What command can you use to review boot messages?


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What command you execute to display the last five commands you have entered?

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Which two commands can you use to delete directories?

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our wish to print the file vacations with 60 lines to a page. Which command will accomplish this?

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To move /home/ben/memos dir in /home/bob/memos, what is the result by mv /home/ben/memos /home/bob

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What is the command to list ALL (hidden also) files of current directory & it’s subdirectories?

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What command would you use to check how much memory is being used by linux?


What is clang llvm?


How do I clear bash history in linux?


What is makefile target?


How remove all files in a directory linux?


What is the command can be used to check for file corruption?


How do I remove a soft link in linux?


What does (cd dir && command) do?


What does the ps command do in linux?


Is makefile a shell script?


What would be the result of issuing the command cat phonenos?


How do you clear the screen in linux?


can any one send me one project on linux ...?


What does touch do in linux?


How do I stop a linux job?