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Shell Script Interview Questions
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What is the syntax of "grep" command?

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What is egrep?

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What are the additional egrep symbols?

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What is the use of "test" command?

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Create a bash shell script that removes all files whose names end with a "~" from your home directory and subdirectories. Name this script ""

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Create a bash shell script to sort and then uniq the file from the command line & store it to a new file and output the results to the screen. Name this script ""

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What is the syntax of "expr" command?

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In shell scripting if text is surrounded by single quotes what does it denotes?

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How to group the commands in shell scripting?


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What is the use of script interpreter in shell scripting?

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How to enable the shell to know what program should be run to interpret the script?

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give me some website where i can get unix and testing meterials

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how to create purchase order

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how to delete all the files with extension .dat rom a directory tree from root to third level in a single unix command?

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How do you print the output the same string which is typed in command line. how do you write the shell script or command for this. if i entered "Hello" in command line, it should print 'Hello', if i say "Hello Welcome", i should get the "Hello Welcome" as output.?

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How to pass an argument to a script?


How to redirect both standard output and standard error to the same location?


Determine the output of the following command: name=shubham && echo ‘my name is $name’.


What is the use of "$?" Sign in shell script?


How to calculate the number of passed arguments?


What can you do with powershell?


Using set -A write a script to print the output of the ls command in 5 columns with two spaces between each column. Pretend that ls does not have multicolumn output.


What is shift command in shell script?


How do I set bash as default shell mac?


What is a program shell?


What is a beat in a script?


What are scripts in psychology?


Is shell scripting a programming language?


What does chmod do?


How do I run a script on mac?