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DB2 Interview Questions
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Hello All, We have requirment to Replace BMC Db2 Load product thru CA FAST LOADPlus product. Do anyone have JCL to for FAST LOADPLUS and what all are thing need to take in consideration.



Say CUST Table contains records like: CUSTNO CUSTNAME CUSTLOC 100 ABC SSS 200 XYZ 300 PQR 400 MNO WWW 500 CVV ------------- ------------- Now write a query to retrieve all records with CUSTLOC no data.


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How to insert more than one record using insert?

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How to update more then one record using update?


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what are extents?

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what is consistency token

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if one db2 pgm calls another db2 pgm. how many plans do we need. what r the steps involved..


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what is the input to PLAN? what is the input to DBRM?

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How can you split a table in to exactly half?


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In a single table,How to retrieve a employee-id of an employee who works in more than one department?

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how many partitions are possible in partitioned tablespace? dont say 1-64. a)240 b)256 c)512 d)none

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What is a view? Why use it?

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i tried to copy some records from microsoft excel to as-400 physical file through "Bosanova" emulation. Out of 14000 records only 12000 records copies and subsequently programe started to hang. Then, i closed the program forcefully. I did' under stand the problem. Also when i try to compile the physical file it is showing as "The file in use". How to overcome this problem?



How we create a tables in DB2 ?Previously client has using 7 letters for user id,now he wants to increase the letters from 7 to 12 for user id.How we can do it?


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what is the Foreign key? explain?

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What is alias in db2?


How to resolve deadlock issue


What is the difference between using bind () and rebind () methods of naming class?


What is a bind in db2?


What is the use of runstats in db2?


What is the physical storage length of the data types: date, time, timestamp in the db2 database?


How do I delete a table in database?


Where can you declare a cursor in a cobol-db2 program?


What is lock escalation in db2?


File not opened because library is *PROD and debug is UPDPROD(*NO). ? what may be the reason? how to solve it..?


What is reorg?


How do you simulate the explain of an embedded sql statement in spufi/qmf?


What is a collection in db2?


How is a typical db2 batch pgm executed?


Differentiate between cs and rr isolation levels? Where do you specify them?