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QA Concepts Interview Questions
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Explain Integration Testing?

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is the transmission line voltage delta confoguration?


I would like to know whether Zephyr, the test management tool takes a complex installation procedure?

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If there are more number of production defects, how will you tackle the team as a lead



During the test case review, what are the main important things will you check

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When there is a new enhancement, what kind of test cases will you write and how will you ensure that everything is covered


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How will you ensure that all the requirements have been covered during the test cases review

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How many defects is acceptable for a project. Is there any goal for no. of defects.

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What are the challenges faced with the 1+ years experience team.

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How will you manage a team member who is more experienced than yours and what challenges will you face? ( that guy might be technically sound).


What test strategy followed in your project?


What do you think is a good investment, a defect tracking system or a test management system integrated with a defect tracking tool? Please comment.

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how to answer the question,as a tester what is the suggestion that you have given which helped the project,can anyone answer please?


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My friend bought a test management system just recently after comparing a lot of products. But its performance was not quite up to the mark. Please suggest a good one that is worth the money.

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I’ve heard that Zephyr, a test management tool saves the trouble of sending weekly and monthly status reports. Is that true?

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What should Development require of QA?


What are the advantage and disadvantages of automated testing?


Hi every body i am going to take the ISTQB Foundation level Exam on March 21th 2010, Could any one send some list of question papers and latest Dumps to My mail id: ( Advance thanks. Regards, Saran


What should your qa documents include?


I have to write a User Story for a customer withdrawing cash out of an ATM. Can you send me some examples PLEASE. I appreciate your assistance.


Hi I have found a web site of online shopping ( write possible "Test scenario" by seeing that site.Please make the end of mine and others doubt in Test scenario.Thanks in advance.


Explain stress testing, load testing and volume testing?


Define bug leakage and bug release?


What is a cookie testing?


Dear All, Is MBA Graduates Eligible for Software Testing jobs? Thanks Ramesh


Enlist some automation testing tools.


What is the difference between test case and test data?


Explain what are test driver and test stub and why it is required?


What is the strategy for automation test plan?


What are the different artifacts you refer when you write the test cases?