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QA Concepts Interview Questions
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I want to know about the open source licenses and its features


What is Mutation Testing? Is it white box or black box testing. This is what I think about mutation testing..It is the testing done after the code has been modified in an application( after geting defect complain from clients)with the same test cases and same old test data... Please correct me If I am wrong...............

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disadvantages of V-Model in Software Testing?

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Three types of tea the a,b,c costs Rs. 95/kg,100/kg and70/kg respectively.How many kgs of each should be blended to produce 100 kg of mixture worth Rs.90/kg, given that the raveled s of band c are equal...

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A cube of side 4cm is painted with 3 colors red, blue and green in such a way that opposite sides are painted in the same color. This cube is now cut into 64 cubes of equal size. 1. How many have at least two sides painted in different colors. 2. How many cubes have only one side painted. 3. How many cubes have no side painted. 4. How many have exactly one side not painted.


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Any Applications In The Market To Help Quality Test Team Members Communicate With Each Other?

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Suggest me MCQ book for Software testing



how cani do requirement testing using some testcase


how can i wrtie testcases for huge data


can bug lifecycle support the integration , system, unit testing, functional testing etc

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I'm looking for a list of software testing conferences, please help me.

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Requirement Analysis – Rs1000, Code Review – Rs500, Review of User Documents – Rs600, Continuing Education Programs – Rs800, Design – Rs400, Then what is the Cost of Quality?

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How to Map Test Cases with requirement while import test cases to QC from excel.

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what is Cyclomatic Complexity?


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Relationship between dynamic testing, coding fault and failure

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Explain what is bug triage?


What is extreme programming and what is it got to do with testing?


You are a tester. Now how will you choose which defect to remove in 1000000 defects?


Q. How do you select product components for validation?What are the contents of QMS?


insurance domain interview questions ,i done project on insurance (manual testing)


Define use case testing.


What is bug leakage and bug release?


how cani do requirement testing using some testcase


Please, anyone out there that had been a SQA Tester, would You all give me a hint on this Job? Is becoming a SQA Tester is easy? Is it a tough one? Please help me on finding a way on this very first Job of mine?


When to start qa in a project?


An automated bank teller system?


What is context driven testing?


What is cast?


best trainig institutes and best faculty in chennai for software testing ?


draft an email to the client asking for clarrification on the conference calling function in a landline phone