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SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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What is the basic structure of PL/SQL ?

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What are the components of a PL/SQL block ?

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What are the datatypes a available in PL/SQL ?

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What are % TYPE and % ROWTYPE ? What are the advantages of using these over datatypes?

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What is difference between % ROWTYPE and TYPE RECORD ?

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What is PL/SQL table ?

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What is a cursor ? Why Cursor is required ?

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Explain the two type of Cursors ?

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What are the PL/SQL Statements used in cursor processing ?

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What are the cursor attributes used in PL/SQL ?

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What is a cursor for loop ?

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What will happen after commit statement ?

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Explain the usage of WHERE CURRENT OF clause in cursors ?


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What is a database trigger ? Name some usages of database trigger ?

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How many types of database triggers can be specified on a table ? What are they ?

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what are dynamic queries in t-sql? : Transact sql


How can we solve sql error: ora-00904: invalid identifier?


How can check sql version from command line?


List the ways to get the count of records in a table?


Explain select statements in sql?


In pl/sql, what is bulk binding, and when/how would it help performance?


Can procedure in a package be overloaded?


Can we insert data into materialized view?


Are ddl triggers fired for ddl statements within a pl/sql code executed using the dbms.sql package?


Is there a 64 bit version of ssms?


What is full join in sql?


Can we group by two columns in sql?


What is the difference between truncate and drop statements?


Can you have more than one key in a database?


What is an example of translating a date into julian format?