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SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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what is the difference between granting and creating a view?

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How to return multiple records from procedure?

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How to come back in normal stage in Mutating Table if mutating table is locked or update data?

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Can we relate two different tables from two different users in ORACLE,PL/SQL?

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How to get the procedure's, function's name from a package if it is wrapped(both spec & body).

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If records are inserted into table without committing.How to refer to these values in a procedure?

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what is ref cursor in pl/sql?

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How to fetch the rows by dynamicaly passing table name through cursor?

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what is difference between "Primary key" and "Unique key"?


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can we call a procedure into another procedure?If yes means how you can pass the perameters for the two procedures?


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Differentiate between %type and %rowtype attribute in Oracle PL/AQL programming ?


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How the execution will be done in exceptions?

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What is the difference between sql/pl-sql/embeded sql?

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what is the forward decleration in packages?

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In packages the source code is compiled into p code ? how do we describe the p code

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What are the different datatypes available in PL/SQL?


What is the difference between mdf and ndf files?


How can check sql version from command line?


what are the performance and scalability characteristics of mysql? : Sql dba


what are all the common sql function? : Sql dba


Is sql better than excel?


Which data type is a composite type?


What is the difference between delete and truncate statement in sql?


How does cross join work?


What is a join?


What is sqlexception in java?


What are all different types of collation sensitivity?


What is on delete set null?


Explain sql data types?


How many tables can you join in sql?