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PHP Interview Questions
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can we use PGP with PHP?

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How can you insert javascript in php code?


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Does it possible to compile php with mysql without having mysql sources?

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What does PHP stand for?

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Is it possible to get the screen resolution and like with php?

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How can you count number of parameters given in a URL by POST method?

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what is this error "Call to unsupported or undefined function mysql_connect();" and when you will get this?

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what method is used to get a user's IP address?

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What is PEAR?

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Explain about error handling in php?

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Is it possible to connect to a Microsoft Access database without a DSN? If so, how??

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Is there a way to encrypt text from php?

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Without using forms and hidden variables, how to send variables from a PHP script to another URL using POST method?

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How do you set the browser timeout?

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Whats the difference between include() and require()?

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Write down the code for save an uploaded file using php?


What is use of htmlspecialchars php?


Can we set session value in javascript?


What is regex in html?


Which is the best php framework for a beginner?


What is php written in?


Explain mysql_errno()?


What is the difference between get and post method in php?


Tell me what the difference between the 'bitwise and' operator and the 'logical and' operator?


How be the result set of mysql handled in php?


Which is the correct way to check if a session has already been started ?


What does the scope of variables mean?


What is isset in php?


Where to put php files in apache server?


What is str_replace()?