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How can we encrpt a text?

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hello.. i am 4th year student. i am confused that i should learning php or java. I have some knowledge of java and developed project in java, but i want to develop my career in php. So plz suggest me , i should go with php or java.

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what is the scope of php in the future if any other language is developed then may be php is loss ???


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i m a B.E,passed out few yrs bak failed to find good job due to less marks now thinkin of a career as PHP developer. is it a lucarative field and wat r career prospects; hv heard dat initial salary is very less bout 6k also most jobs r contrct jobs.pls guide me need ur valuable advice.pls hellppp!! thnx..



What is MVC structure in Magento?

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Maine 12th ke bad 2 years ka web designing ka course kiya hai. Php me achcha hu. Ek fresher ko is field me kitna mil sakta hai ?



I have done 12th and then i completed 2 years course of web designing and development from xplora design skool, kota(rajasthan). I am a fresher. How much can i earn in this field ?

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what is the use of include() function when include_once() alone will enough?

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programm for factorial

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delete session variable when close browser with out logout

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Which is the best institute in Chennai to learn PHP? Please help.



Explain Magento's autoload functionality and how to instantiate classes? What is the process you take when theming a store? Talk about Magento collections and how you use them?


How data or variable can be receive or send from PHP to HTML page??


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equivalent code for the following c program in php void main() { int i=5;printf("%d",i); }

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hi,am a fresher in sap sd,will i try as a fresher or i wl go for with 2 to 3 yr exp,pls suggest me which web site is best for sap freshers.


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if you run the app program all vendor open items are cleared but is it possible to reverse the again again open items please tell me the answer


am from learning php&mysql. what will be the approx salary for me if i get a job in coimbatore.


why did u want to leave your past organisation?


Hello Friends,I am seeking for a job in php having 9 months. exp.Please suggest any company openings.


How to genrate report in wordpress cms


how can i develop forum code? any one pleale help me on this question


can we swap two different string using php for example:-- before swapping:-- 1 string :-hello friend, 2 string :-my dear, after swapping that strings will be: 1.hello dear, friend.


what is benefit of magento?


What is mean tnq


Which have the fastest execution between mysql_fetch_array() and mysql_fetch_assoc()


what is constructor


how retrive the video file in php using video tag


Hi this is amul jani here, i complied my graduation in stream.. but as career i looking for PHP language.. to get shape my career. so is that possible to enter in IT world.. for me how much scope of develop my career in this field.. amul jani


my english is not too good then what we apply for a php programer post


armstrong number by using php while number is given by the keyboard.?