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PHP Interview Questions
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How can you get, the total size of a certain directory?

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How to find out, how a user visited a particular page?


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How do you run a php script from the command line?

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when you will get the message/error "headers already sent"?

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what mode to use when creating dirs with mkdir?

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How to get the DNS servers of a domain name?

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Why these language is needed?

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What is the advantge and disadvantage of mysql_connet() and mysql_pconnect() ? in which condition will you use mysql_connect() and mysql_pconnect().


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does PHP support foreign key and Rollback?yes or not.if not then why. how will you done these concept in php?

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What is the diffrence between GET,POST and REQUEST Method.

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In PHP how many size data can upload by default?

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Write the code for upload a video file in PHP.How will You Play this in Your Page.?

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What are the limitations or drawbacks of PHP ?


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What are the Merits and De-Merits of CURL library ?

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What's diffrence between Get() and Post() Function

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Un-Answered Questions { PHP }

Can I include php in javascript?


What does $globals means?


What is Apache's configuration file typically called?


Tell me will a comparison of an integer 12 and a string "13" work in php?


Which is not a file-related function in php?


What are the special characters you need to escape in double-quoted stings?


How does the identity operator === compare two values?


What does isset() function?


What is polymorphism in oop php?


What is foreach loop in php?


What are the popular frameworks in php?


What is the use of $_server and $_env?


How to update memcached when you make changes to php?


When viewing an html page in a browser, the browser often keeps this page in its cache. What can be possible advantages/disadvantages of page caching? How can you prevent caching of a certain page (please give several alternate solutions)?


Do while loops?