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Weblogic Interview Questions
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what is mission in weblogic


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how can we sync the nodes with administration server in weblogic.


By default thread dump goes to System.out log.How can we send it to a particular file so that when we take the thread dump, instead of searching in System.out we can analyse a particular file

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If your client asks toupgrade the jdk version. How can you do this and after then what are the post changes needed

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what are the pre requisite to installing weblogic server 10

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If you get Null point exception at the time of ear deployment from console what will be you next steps to resolve the problem.

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how can you change the jvm arguments in weblogic server

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suppose you deployed a new application and the application is not reflecting to clent. what will be your steps of action

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how can you increase heap size from command line

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suppose you changed a admin which other file you have to update after this

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suppose we have the thread dump for particular weblogic server.ho can you analyse it manually without using any tool

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what is directory structure of any ear/war file in weblogic


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If we lost Admin password(unfortunately), how will you enter into Admin console?


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what are configuration classes in weblogic


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Why will the manage server goes to ADMIN Mode and Unknow Status?


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What are the prerequisites of starting a server?


What oracle weblogic server includes?


What are the special design care that must be taken when you work with local interfaces?


Why does executing the preparedstatement class cause a trunc fails: ora-00932: inconsistent datatypes error? : BEA Weblogic


We often see BSU when using weblogic. What is the meaning of BSU ?


How Can Cluster Communication Occur ?


What is the default thread stack size in windows?


How do I put a message back on the queue for processing? : BEA Weblogic


What is a stage deployment?


What is meant by domain?


What Is The Advantage Of Clustering ?


What command will you use to recursively search for a particular string across multiple files in your currentdirectory?


What is the tree view pane in the web logic server?


What are the advantages of using application servers?


What causes an ociw32.dll error? : BEA Weblogic