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Core Java Interview Questions
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How many times garbage collector will invoke an object?s finalize() method?

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How applets will communicate with each other?

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What method is used to compare two strings ?

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How to know the host from which Applet is originated?


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How to prevent a field from serialization ?

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How to add panel to a Frame?

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How can a class be accessed, If no access modifiers are declared?

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How to access a method that it declared as protected?

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How to access a variable if it is declared as private?

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How to re-get an object that is collected by garbage collector?

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What we have to do, when we don't want to implement all methods of an interface?

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How to display names of all components in a Container?

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Name the package that most of the AWT events that supports event-delegation model are defined?

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What are Inner classes?

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Is &&= a valid Java operator?

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What are local variables?


What are the differences between heap and stack memory?


Can we extend a class with private constructor?


Why are the destructors for base class and derived class called in reverse order when the program exits


What is the difference between Java Program Constructor and Java Program Method, What is the purpose of Java Program constructor Please Explain it Breafily?


What is an example of procedure?


Can constructor be synchronized?


What is api in java?


What is the difference between length and size in java?


What's the purpose of static methods and static variables?


How many wrapper classes are there in java?


Explain about class in java?


What is anonymous inner class?


Can a serialized object be transferred via network?


What is preflight request?