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Core Java Interview Questions
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What is inner class?what is the use of inner class?where we create the object for inner class? and inner class can extend any class or inner class can implement any interface?


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Q) I have a ArrayList object, in that object i have added 5 integer values, 5 float values, 5 string values. Now question is how can delete particular type of data ( i.e all int values or all float values or string values) in that list object at a time?


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I have a Arraylist object, it has duplecate values also. Now question is i want delete duplecate data in that objet with out using Set?


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What are the similarities between an array and an ArrayList?

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how many ways we can serialize the java object?


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how many ways to create Thread and which one is good? runnable interface ot Thread class?


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what is difference between set and list in collection?


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What do u mean by method and also contructer in java ?

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what is main purpose of interface?

Accenture, HCL, NIIT,

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what is main purpose of abstract class?

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what is difference between abstract factory and factory design patterns?


what is template design pattern?


write a class to input 2 points by the user & check the line maked by the points is horizontal,vertical or rectangle?

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What are the ways of polymorphism other than Overridding & Overloading

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What are three types of loops in java?


What is the base class of all exception classes?


What is the simpletimezone class in java programming?


How do you remove duplicates from an array in java?


What is the purpose of skeleton and stub?


Can a serialized object be transferred via network?


What does super keyword do?


Is age discrete or continuous?


What is fail first in java?


What is an immutable class?


What is the use of a conditional inclusion statement in Java ?


Why scanner is used in java?


What do you mean by light weight and heavy weight components?


What is primitive array?


Can a constructor be protected?