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Core Java Interview Questions
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what is for datainputstream?

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What is the use of static keyword in "public static void main()"

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what is mena by object block any what is the use of that



can any body tell me? does advance java and j2ee both are same.

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does core java and j2se both are same?

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what is difference between signed & unsigned char?

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What is the blank final variable?

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difference throws and throw in java

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What is “try and catch” in java

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Integer.parse Int(bf.readLine(System.out.println("enter value for n["+m+"]:"))); can it run under this

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what is mean by ooad? where we are using? can you tell me any real time example?

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What is mean by UML? what is the use? where we are using?

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Any one can explain how the inerface uses in java. give with example.


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interface X{ void m1(); void m2(); } class Child2 extends Object implements X { public void m1(){ System.out.println("Child2 M1"); } public void m2(){ System.out.println("Child2 M2"); } } public class ParentChildInfterfaceDemo { public static void main(String[] args){ X x = new Child2(); X x1 = new Child2(); x.m1(); x.m2(); x.equals(x1); } } Will the above code work? If yes? Can you please explain why the code x.equals(x1) will work as the equals method is called on interface reference vaiable?

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how can you say that java is independ language

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Explain the pointers in Java?


what is aggregation in java?


Which command from the jdk compiles a java program?


Can a method be overloaded based on different return type but same argument type?


What kind of variables a class can consist of?


What is a java list?


How thread scheduler schedule the task?


Where local and global variables are stored?


Can we assign the reference to this variable?


What are structs in java?


What is difference between local variable and global variable?


What is string data?


How to create an immutable class?


What are advantages of using Java?s layout managers than windowing systems?


How does compareto method work?