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Engineering AllOther Interview Questions
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can you justify your answer regarding output of following source-code: #include #include void main() { clrscr(); if(printf("");) { printf("i am able to work in your company :"); } else { printf("your company is not able for having my knowledge :") } getch(); }


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write a c programme to count the characters words and lines in a text book


could u please tell me where the click view tool coaching in hyderabad


the conditional jump instruction in 8086 have a displacement of more than 1 byte.explain how would you tackle a situation in which it is required to branch,on some condition,to a location which is more than 120 bytes away.


plz explain abt refrigeration r22 bitzer comprassors trouble shooting and maintenance


plz send me how to overhauling of freon bitzer semi receprocal comprassors with available video


i m doing my 3rd yr with only 6 month left to complete it..within this 6 months which is the best nd useful oracle certification program should i do??pls help me out!!


can i clearly know courses under oracle


what is total power generation capacity in india at present (as on 12-12-2011)


How do you remove meta only for the root slice? remaining slices should run under meta?


what is bracking strength of helbet used in mines.

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what is buffer solution?



1. Design a counter which counts 0, 4, 8, 2, 6, and repeats using: 1.a using JK flip flops 1.b using T flip flops 1.c using D flip flops 2. Modify your design in question 1.a so that the circuit works according to the following function table X Y F 0 0 Clear 0 1 No Change 1 0 Parallel Loading 1 1 Count 3. Design a circuit that detects the pattern 010 in a serial input X considering: 3.a Overlapping 3.b No overlapping


sir now i am studying B.Tech final year so now i am eligible for writing group 1 and 2 or not?


how to count 4 column with two "and" condition in oracle? e.g task_type and cust_type and service_type are 3 column and we hv to count where task_type="new"and cust_type="jdp" and resulting column name will be new cust with jdp..and also we hv to count where task_type="new"and service_type="fs" resulting column name will be new cust with fs..


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. Give the C language equivalents of the following a)Function returning an int pointer b)Function pointer returning an int pointer c)Function pointer returning an array of integers d)Array of function pointer returning an array of integers


Define function ? Explain arguments in functions ?


What are the frequently asked technical engineer ques?


Prove that in a self-complementing code the sum of the weights must be 9?


if a customer's blackberry stopped syncing their calendar wirelessly what would you do?if a customber deleted mail from his blackberry but it did delete from his mailbox how would ypu resolve this


What is the weight of a foot square block of bronze.


How to Shut-down the system through QTP Script?


what is the difference between composite key and primary key in sap abap


verbal quiz and answers


what is trx?


I have completed my B.E with (CSE) computer science and engineering ,i had a total no of backlogs=20 ,is there any chances to get the visa PLEASE HELP ME NE1 : MY .


explain various problem solving statagis


Why is not creat swap partition in my system.


i have passed my gRaduation in BCA and now im looking for post graduation from Germany, i haver passed my ielts wth 6 band, nw plz tell me some question that wll ambessay ask


how to store the vacuum in tank? its possible? what are the units for measure the vacuum ?