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What do you mean by component versionig?


why dijkstra algorithm not used for negative weighted edges graph??


What do you like and dislike about working for this organisation?



what is the difference between C and C++? what is the difference between scanf and gets? what is mean by extern what is the use of it? what will happen if i say delete this> Difference between C structure and C++ structure? What is the difference between overloading and overridding? Explain the need for "virtual Destructor" Can we have "virtual Constructors"? What is the different types of polymorphism> What is virtual functions? How to implement virtual function in "C"? What are the different types of storage classes?


any one help me how the following program execute main() { int x=5; printf("%d %d %d",x,x<<3,x>>2); } //output : 5 40 1

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create a C program, the .exe file of that program run system will reboot any one help me


Give the coding for system reboot in C


what is PPM,CM & EM in FM company

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draw diagram of earthings



draw the diagram of double earthing


Draw a pipeline configuration to carryout the following operations on the arrays of data represented by A, B, C, D, E and F. (A i represents the i th element of the array). (Ai × Bi + Ci × Di ) (Ei × Fi ) Show the content of the pipline for i = 1 to 5

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what is active dirctory?


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how to join the pc to the domain?

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why IT?


consiteunts of indian railways

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1.orders for a computer are summarized by the additional features and are requested as follows; Proportion of order No features 0.3 One feature only 0.5 More than one feature 0.2 find; 1. what is the probability that an order requests at least one feature? 2. what is the probability that an order does not request more than one feature?


Can have i call constructor in interface?


What are the main differences between the engines in jet fighters and the engines in jet airliners; which type of engine is the more efficient, and (qualitatively) why?


i am shortlisted in corporation bank for the post of computer officer the next phase is group discussion. i want to know how to prepare and what about the topics for preparing thanking you if you have any suggestion please give me


what are the various height of GSM mount and its base width


what are the main points to be included in our introduction when asked in hr...??


hi all I got two exam call letter one from maha ganeco & other from federal bank both at same time & same date which should i choose (note I am eng. grad.)


sir, please send me the last three years exam papers conducted by CPCL- RECRUITMENT EXAM FOR Recruitment of Engineer ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. A Soon as possible. i would be greatfull to u


I have attended offcampus conducted by polaris chennai.And i have cleared all rounds on 10th June 2014.They collected all my marksheet xerox and address proof and said that they will send me offer letter in 3 days.. But more than 15days passed but still i didnt receive any information. I am lot depend on this offer... so when can i expect offer letter?? will they surely send me offer letter?


what is the main fuction of OSPF in a internetwork? how does work of same network?


What is Lease Line?Why power cord is not required to NT Boxex on which lease is connected ?Why we use use NT BOXEs for ISDN and Lease line?


How can we share data between actions in qtp..pls tell me


How would Nvidia increase the core clock speed anymore?


what is major differnet between hub and switch and also defferent between router and switch


What experience have you had in writing technical materials?