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Engineering AllOther Interview Questions
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What is the job of the amplifier?

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Describe circular polarization?

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What is the definition of gain?

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What is meant by Insertion loss?

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What is the relation between dB and change of signal?

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What is Thermal impedance?

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What is meant by VSWR?

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Describe an impedance matching circuit?

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What is noise figure?

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What is the filters function?

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What filter types are there?

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What are mixers used for?

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Describe VCO?

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What is a transfer curve?

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Describe Skin effect?

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My system suddenly get off,when i try to power on then it does not work but when i open it and clean RAM and insert it again, it power on.but after some day same problem? please give the answer (i have also changed RAM it's new.)


I need to know the process to add 100 tapes in ATL. Ho to inicialize them to the system? How is all the process i need to follow> Thanks


one fuse has following data 80A 415V -6.9W HN SIZE 00 100 KA gG Please tell me about what is the mean of 100kA gG


I am some what lagging in talking English but i love to do job as an software engineer what will i do to improve my communication skills? please give me answer..........


what is the difference b/w "print" and "sprint" in sql?


what is difference between shell commands and shell scripting commands or both r same?


If navara d40 injektor damage.what is the problem when we drive??


why one should join accenture?


hai,am a marine engineer..pls anyone tell me what is the abbrevation for "gfca" in Mitsui B&w 7l67gfca mail id is


what is advantages and disadvantages of CAT5,CAT5e,CAT6,CAT7,COAXIAL CABLE,FIBER-OPTIC


What is IPSec?


why we need embedded system


find the net id and host id of the following IPV4 and


What is Moore's law and what limits the size of a computer chip?


How many VLANs are supported on a single switch