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Do you invest in the stock market? What kind of investing strategy do you use if you do?

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My technical interview of wipro is on 22 jan.Please send me some questions regarding c & c++.My email address is sjotkaur@gmail.com.


enumerate various costs associated with the performance, security, support, and maintenance of ubuntu


I have given my B.O.B Interview on 14/01/10 @ delhi. Could anyone tell me when would be the results declared? pls post if anyone is seleted.

Bank of Baroda,


If you were stranded on an island with unlimited food and water and could only bring 1 thing what would it be?


hello everybody! I am soumali ,pursuing MBA with HR as a specialization,and going to face my first placement interview,plz hep me to knw that wht type of important quetions which i will face regarding my HR specialization. wht will be the answer of Q1 WHY U HV SELECTED HR AS A SPECIALIZATION? Q2 Where do you see urself from 3-5yrs from now as a HR in the company? Q3 What will be ur career goals or career path as a HR? PLZ GV ME the answers of above questions?


quantatitive application of polarimetry ?

Sun Pharma,


what is the pharmacopoeial apllication of column, paper , thin layer chomatography?

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My birth day is 15-11-1974 and my age is 34 years 1 month and 17 days is on 01-01-2009. The recruitment agency asks candidate age must be less than 35 years. Wheather I am eligible for the vaccancy? Kindly help me

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how to calculate an ohmmeter(multiple range)?.. kindly show your computatations?.... plsss answer b4 feb. 1, 2010....... it is important thing..... hope for your kindness...........


what compensation are you expecting?

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iwant to join testing in mind q.is there any new batch will start for testing? i heard that nageswarao is not in mindq he started another institute which one is better? i also want to know the fee deails & duration of the course.


A good example has more value than good advice ???



please i have been given a project on optical networking hardware,i have done all i could but i could'nt find the information i wanted,please can u help me,i need to submit it in 6hours time today.please try and help me out.


hi im studing in MCA final yr. Now i need to do project. im more intrested on web... can any one suggest me which will be better 1 n more easy to do. As i dont know wht is the meaning of project atleast... n im very teens... so plz help me out....


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any one send me buildings dry material in m.k.s and f.p.s system on this id plz. mughalsab@ymail.com


what should i do i can't remove my weakness?


sir, when will start the new batch for group2 coaching... pls kindly inform me.......


can any one tell me about character certificate. I am confused because according to information voucher we will have to bring 2 character certificate & I have only 1. so please tell me how can i get the other one.


I gave the SBI Clerical Exam paper from Bangalore (Karnataka Circle) and I cleared my Exam and I appeared for Interview in Bangalore. Now I have moved Permanently to Gurgaon (Haryana) and I wish to join SBI, if I clear the Interview as well.. Can I join SBI Gurgaon (Haryana)..? Pls. suggest...


Why we do not say INDIA as a DEVELOPED NATION ?


How do you create a solaris package?


why do pharma companies are not having only pharmacists to work rather than they can recruit others


why failure mode effective analysis report are necessary for equipment change control? what is validation risk assessment? how many class of standard calibrated weight balance? how perform magnetics gauge calibration? what is eccentric & centric weight balance calibration? what is different between out of specification & out of trend?


who were famous as Big Five of Bengal?




I am looking for SAP FICO training in Bangalore (not authorized). Please advise.


What is differant about upload as opposed to download?


= 5, b = 1, x = 10, and y = 5, create a program that outputs the result of the formula f = (a – b) (x – y) using a signal printf () function.


how does thomas cook interface with their customer??