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IAF Interview Questions
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Which British Governor-General introduced Postage Stamp in India? (a) Lord Dalhousie (b) Lord Auckland (c) Lord Canning (d) Lord William Bentinck

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Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity ? (a) Copper (b) Aluminium (c) Gold (d) Silver

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Srinagar is situated on the bank of the river (a) Ravi (b) Sutlej (c) Jhelum (d) Chenab

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The largest source of revenue in India is (1) Sales tax (2) Excise duty (3) Income tax (4) Corporate tax

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. Biggest producer of sugarcane in the world (1) Cuba (2) India (3) China (4) Pakistan

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. In which respect have the Centre-State relations been specifically termed as ‘municipal relations’? (a) Centre’s control of the State in the legislative sphere (b) Centre’s control of the State in financial matter (c) Centre’s control of the state in the administrative sector (d) Centre’s control of the state in the planning process

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. The oldest monarchy in the world is that of (a) U.K (b) Nepal (c) Saudi Arabia (d) Japan

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Role of Finance Manager in matters of dividend policy? Alternatives and factors that you may consider before finalizing dividend policy?

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send me model question papers of indian air force technical section

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i want become a IAS/IPS?first how to prepare exam&which books?what exam i have to write?

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Contact a system development program in your organization. Research how they analyzed their SYSTEM OF INTEREST (SOI), its OPERATING ENVIRONMENT, and their respective system elements. How was this analysis reflected in the SOI architecture?


how to answer - Wat will u do if not selected????? Can we say that we will go to engineering colleges.....

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why u want to join indian air force?

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why the voltage transmission is always in a multiple of 11? e.g. 110 V, 220 V, 33 kVA, 11 kVA

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how to identyfy cable sizes?

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