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Htmt Interview Questions
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I want the aptitude test paper of Lionbridge comapny

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choose the correct synonym for tentative (a)developed (b) final (C)immediate (d) urgent

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innocent (a)deadly (b)corruption (c)sinful (d) guilty

3 4765

magnify (a)destroy (b)shrink (C)induce (d)diminish

3 5083

exihibit (a)withdraw (b)concede (c)conceal (d)prevent

1 3707

Deficit (a)surplus (b)explicit (c)conceal (d)prevent

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He abandoned his family (a)pleased (b)encouraged (c)saved (d) supported

2 4335

His Knowledge of subject is quite extensive (a) limited(B) restricted (c) ordinary (d) little

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people prefer ambiguity to (a) rationality (b)clarity (c) certainty (d)pervesity

4 6239

There was marginal increase in his pay (a) significant (b) peripheral (c)unforeseen (d) negligible

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generally she is cautious but you cant predict when she is (a) rash (b)hurt (c)kind (d)fast

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Stubborn (a)willing (b)obstinate (c)pliable (d)easy

2 4482

Condemn (a)Blame (b)hate (c)avoid (d)underdate

3 4474

Ambition (a)Aspiration (b) goal (c)expectation (d)desire

4 7524

Reluctant (a)inclined (b)ready (c)hesitating (d)willing

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