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Htmt General Aptitude Interview Questions
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I want the aptitude test paper of Lionbridge comapny

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Un-Answered Questions

Explain what is the name of the dna duplication process? What is the main enzyme that participates in it?


Are atom feed files xml documents?


Explain about tcp&ip and osi model.


What is a generator in python?


You are a project manager for Pizza Direct, which is a retail pizza delivery store. Your company is competing with another retail store for the option of opening two new stores in a foreign country. You've been told that it is culturally unacceptable to eat certain foods in this country. You know that one of these foods happens to be a secret ingredient in the pizza sauce. What is the most appropriate response? A. Inform the potential partners that your sauce recipe is secret, but you’re certain there are no forbidden ingredients in it. B. Inform the potential partners that you suspect there might be a forbidden ingredient in the sauce and you'll request an investigation to determine if any of them exist in the sauce. C. Inform the potential partners that a forbidden ingredient exists in the sauce and determine to work with them to come up with another ingredient to replace that one. D. Don't tell the potential partners about the ingredient because the sauce they'll be using in the stores is shipped to them already prepared in cans. They won't know the ingredient is in the sauce.


what is gsm technology?


What you know about start center in maximo?


User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is __ and __ a. connectionless, stateless b. connection-orineted, stateless c. connection-oriented, stateful d. connectionless, stateful


Define managed code and managed data in .net?


distinguish between price rate and time rate?


what is DSN in JCL and what are the parameters to declare the DSN?


Tell me can we put breakpoint inside isr?


How can you create many to many relationship in salesforce ?


Tell us how to login into any site if it's showing any authentication pop-up for username and password?


What is a virtual function?