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HPCL Interview Questions
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hi frnds.....anyone get any reply from HPCL. I HAVN'T.....B,COS written will b on FEB 17 th.

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pls send me HPCL & reliance test paper for chemical engineering.....

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hi friends i m writting hpcl in march can any one send the previous question asked(technical and nontechnical) in hpcl for instrumentation branch??? my email id is


Hello sir. if u have electical engineering exam paper then plz mail me at i m appearing exam for HPCL.

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an anybody provide me the HPCL apptitude papers?am having the test on this feb 27th 2008 so plz [Send This Question to Your Friend] please send me hpcl placement papers both technical and apptitude.. please

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what is relay

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pls send me HPCL & reliance test paper for chemical engineering.....

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sir i applied for hpcl(electrical).i want to know from which subjects most of the technical que will b asked.and pattern of the written test.pls help me


from which subjects most of the technical que will b asked for hpcl(electrical).pls help me


send me model hpcl questions mail id


pls send me HPCL model question paper for the post of officer trainee for mechanical engg. tnk u....


what are the precautions u are taking while starting HT motors?

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when u are walking on the road, somebody got injured by accident. what is ur immediate action.

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# 4 hi friends i m from electrical branch and seeking for tech. + apti. both papers of hpcl plz get it available as soon as possible my email id is


Hello to all, Please someone can send me HPCL ELECTRICAL Engg. Sample papers to me? Its email address is....


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HPCL Interview Questions

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