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Allied Group Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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define excitaton voltage and excitation current?

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We have a 1275KVA existing Transformer in a power plant project. Customer want to get it test & confirm whether it is a Dyn1 Transformer or not. Pleae let me know how to test it.

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what is the power factor of the megnetising component of transformer

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different between horse power and break horse power

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how do we calculate contactor and fuse rating for a motor if its full load current is known,i want exact calculation for 1.5 kw motor????

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what is the difference between 2 way and 4 pole selector switch???


How do i perform grounding of star point of Genset (400V) for making connection with step up transformer of DELTA-DELTA (400V to 20KV) ? while Genset itself has its own neutral and grounding bus bar inside genset breaker box whereas we have another neutral and grounding busbar in synchronizing panel next to genset at maximum distance of 6meter, would someone pls advice if we can only perform neutral grounding in synchronizing panel or should we ground neutral on both places inside genset breaker box and synchronizing panel.


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