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Allied Group Accounting General Interview Questions
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how to finalised the Balance sheet & profit & loss A/C


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10. How many queries did you use in the complex reports? 11. How will you use the joins in the queries used in your report? 12. How many reports did you create in your project? 13. How many cubes did you create in your project? 14. How will you create .iqd file in FM. 15. Was your package multilingual or single language? 16. If you have created a single language package…and you have a client who need to access that in other language…how will you do that? 17. How many dimensions and facts did you use in your reports? 18. How will you use your package in Analysis studio? 19. Something like types of files in power play like pyi..i don’t remember this question. 20. If you want to create a prompt with 4 list, not containing any value using value prompt, which when we will see in the run time…if we will select any list, it should show us the data related to that list. 21. What all kind of packages you can create using FM. 22. In your project was your cube a relational or multidimensional? 23. I replied MD for the above question then they asked why did you use that? 24. How do you publish a cube? 25. Slicer and dicer….its use…where is it used? 26. Bursting…. 27. How many types of query subjects are there? 28. Difference between before and after aggregation?