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Allied Group Accounting General Interview Questions
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how to finalised the Balance sheet & profit & loss A/C


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I am working at Himachal Pradesh, let me know cant i adjust entry tax in vat? if no then why or yes, please exlain.


TX operation funtion executed by?


How is RoadSync different from middleware?


i want interview question on siebel testing.very urgent


What is Smart Work and Hard Work ?


Do you agree addressing the versioning issue is something GPO clearly needs to do, in conjunction with authentication and permanent public access ?


How does the pH of soil affect plant growth?


please tell me the informatica telecom projects interview question? like if they ask about project explanation and the difficulties and the solutions taken to solve the issues for telecom projects,e.g i am workin for a vodafone project handlin postpaid section,pls tell me wat wud be the process if i work in this ? thanks


How do write a discoverer report to identify zero dollar suppliers/invoices where the supplier is on hold?


what is the difference between prime coat and tack coat in road construction


How can you add the arbitrary key-value pairs in your mapper?


How do you determine as to what TDS has to be deducted from each vendor supplying us the goods and doing labour work?


If date field is a text field write test cases to validate it?


what are the tests comes under the type test, what tests comes under routine tests.


What is the main purpose of Unconnected lookup other than updating slowly changing dimensions? or In which case u use Unconnected lookup?


Allied Group Accounting General Interview Questions
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