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Allianz Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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What is Aggressive behavior needed in corporate world? how aggressive play a role on of the Employee?


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Tell me it is said that smile and patience are two vital aspects of a sales job. What is your opinion?


write sql query vertical to horiozontal following table id name 1 100 2 dinesh 3 india 1 101 2 suresh 3 india 1 103 2 prakesh 3 usa i want output like id name country 100 dinesh india 101 suresh india 103 prakesh usa


Tell us about a marketing plan that you have developed and the result of implementing that plan.


explain about Visual Merchandising.


Transformer cores are laminated in order to A simplify its construction B minimize eddy current loss C reduce cost D reduce hysterisis loss


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When we have earthing mesh or underground earthing network in industrial plants, weather we have NT-S or NT-C-S kind of earthing system, so eventually weather we must use 4 or 5 wire in 400 volt level (For example 3×150+70 mm2 or 5×150 mm2) in this connection I would like to know exactly the paragraph of IEC or IEEE number


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What is Dynamic Approval process?


i want to sit for the written examination held by govt. sector like coal india, ongc for the post of accountant .. qualification ca inter.. plz any1 of u let me know on wht subjects the questions are asked and wht types of questions are asked... plz let me know.. plz


which feature are not hold visual basic of oop?


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Is the Advertising message(s) comprehensible?