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GAIL Instrumentation Interview Questions
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Identify and use the ANSI/ISA-S5.1 consensus industrial standard process symbols.


Sir i am preparing for PSU exam for ONGC but i am not able to get the appropriate syllabus and previous year question papers. Kindly send me the same, that will be a great help from ur side. OR if anyone can plz send me the papers and syllabus please.

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Can anyone provide me the details of GAIL test paper?What is the format and what type of questions will be there? my

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what is the meaning of potential free contact. difference between dry and wet contact?

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How flow control valve is working with pnuematic positioner and I/P convreter from command is given from remote

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Why use ball valves on Gas pipelines instead of gate & or globe valves...means basic diffrence or use of these designers knows this type of valve with rating is required...


what is the zero elevation and zero supresstion in level measurement, how can use it?

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Introduce yourself which is not present in your biodata?


What does a fire detector detects?

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How will you measure surface temperature of SUN?

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What do you know about gail?


What is DCS?

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What are the different types of temperature sensors and the principle they work on?

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What is an SCR?

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