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Fiserv Interview Questions
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why are you leaving present company(pls give me answer other than contract employee)and give me the good reason

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Difference between abstract class and interface

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What are the values of NUM1 and NUM2 after executing the following code? CLONO1NO2NO3 Factorl÷÷+OpcdeFactor2+÷+ResultLenDHHiLoEq C MOVE *LOVAL NUM1 50 C MOVE *J-fIVAL NtJM2 52

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What are Testing Metrics? Explain

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What is defect masking?

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What is memory leakage?

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There is a scenario like there is one gateway and four application servers.While recording the script for a business function the server address is of gateway. but the gateway route the request to one of these servers.In recording might be request went to server A but it can not be everytime.sometime the request will go to other servers too.How to handle this scenario in preparing the scripts? how to identify tht to which server request went?

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i have data in excel sheet.i imported the data in data table.while doing parameterization,how the code knows it is a valid or invalid data?

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what is the hierachy of Descreptive programming?

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Could i know how how to explain keyword driven framework in interview? If any body knows plz send the explanation.


What is your percentage or cgpa? Are you you satisfied with your performance.

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How do you test the middleware ? esp for an Online Banking software?

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What is Reflection in .NET?

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what is a null indicator in db2?

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what is outer join? what is selef join? what is difference between them? what is cartecion join?

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What are the purposes of the number range objects J_1IEXCLOC and J_1IEXCINV? In which conditions 1. either of the two, or 2. both the objects should be used?


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Can anyone please tell me that the question posted on this website are Sufficient for the interview with 2+ year experience in .net


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