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Fiserv Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What are Testing Metrics? Explain

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What is defect masking?

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1.What is Traceability Matrix and who prepare it. 1.1 How u can map the Requiremet wid Test Cases. 1.2 How u can find out that in Particular Test Case,some requirement is missing. 1.3 For a particular requirement,how u determine that how many TCs should prepare. 1.4 Gaie the Idea about Tracability Matrix,meant Format.

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Describe V Model with the entry criteria of each Test Phase.

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Diffrence in b/w Functional and System Testing and Test Cases.

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how to check security of any browser??give me some ex.?

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write test cases for scenario of 'remember me' check box for log in screen.

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How you will report a bug if u r doing adhoc testing..u are hopping from 1 link to on till 100th link and then there is will u report this bug...will you write all 100 steps?

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What u will do if you have less time for testing (3-4 days) instead of 10 days.

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what is accessibility testing ? with one example

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