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FCG Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Suppose that your're running tests on the windows calculator and find that 1+1=2,2+2=5,3+3=6,4+4=9,5+5=10 and 6+6=13. Write a bug title and Bug Description that effectively describes this problem?

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Assuming you're given the File->Print Page of MS Word to test,what test cases would you write to test the 'Number Of Copies' field(the max. Permissible value being 32767]?

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Prepare a set of test cases you would use to test a 'Corded telephone?

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Black Box testing attempts to find errors in which of the follwing categories 1)Incorrect or missing functions 2) Interface errors 3)Performence errors?

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Can anyone explein me the differences between Product Testing and Project Testing??????

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FCG Manual Testing Interview Questions

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