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FCG WinRunner Interview Questions
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Data Driven test functions in WinRunner are Context sensitive functions or Analog functions?

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The default type of Constants and variables supported by TSL are..

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The Concatenation Operator in TSL is?

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Suppose there is a global variable called Counter.And there is a user defined function called my_function.which does not take in any parameters. How can a test engineer utilize Counter inside my_function body?

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What string of characters,when printed out to a text file,will create a new line in the text file?

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we have three windows with title(logical description),,Government of,India three windows have similar properties and object.A test script has to be run on all these windows.what changes will u make in GUI or script so that the script runs succesfully on all these three windows with the least alteration required? Please explain clearly with steps.

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what is the difference between synchronization pt and wait statement. what are the advanatages and disadv..of context sensitive and analog recording

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FCG WinRunner Interview Questions

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