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Eskom Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How to calculate the size of the conductor for particular load

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what is power factor

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why buchholz relay installed in inclined position

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what is the lemen of a single 5mm 13000mcd white led pls reply

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What does Magnetic Neutral Axis

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what are the needs of electrical earthing.... other than protection?

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why stone used in Transformer yard.

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what are the advantages by using IGBT in VSC HVDC than thyristor in conventional HVDC

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where does 22kv line starts


what is a motor

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help me with the question that might be ask on the interview for technical position


What are the advantages of using distance protection schemes as opposed to normal overcurrent/ earth fault protection on high voltage feeders.


why the air gap is necessary in the transformer core

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How to decide the fuse ratings for potential transformer

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In a 3 phase,400v,4 wire system, 2 incandescent lamps, one having 230v,100w and the other 230v,200w are connected between r phase- neutral and y phase-neutral respectively. If neutral wire breaks which lamp will fuse first and why?

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