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Enteg Technologies Interview Questions
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Comparison between SAP with any other ERP package avialable in the market

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SAP SD. What are the Condition Conversion and Customer/Material conversion in the Organization Structure and should define and assign? Please nevigate and explain with example.


describe a type when u anticipated potential problems and development of preventive measure.


project Steps,hits, Project level HArd things,Solved methods?


Please explain how to pass entry for VAT setoff and Service Tax Credit?


  What is Integration Broker?


Tell me all plants load factors i.e which plant operating on which load?


what advice do you have for Architectural Draughtsmanship student who wish to became architects?


How necessary is it to be creative in your work?


The Tabula Manufacturing Company has been in business for one month. At the end of month the company had the following accounts: Materials used K 5 000.00 Direct labour 10 000.00 Indirect labour 3 000.00 Indirect materials 2 000.00 Labour fringe benefits 1 000.00 Supervisor’s salary 1 000.00 Depreciation Machinery 2 000.00 Miscellaneous factory overhead 1 000.00 Heat and light 500.00 Insurance on plant 1 500.00 The company processed two jobs during the month with costs as follows: Job 101 Job 102 Materials cost K3 000.00 K2 000.00 Direct labour cost K6 000.00 K4 000.00 Direct labour hours 4 000.00 3 000.00 Machine hours 2 000.00 1 000.00 The company does not use a predetermined rate for factory overhead. The rate is computed at the end of each month. Required Use both the direct labour hours and machine hours to compute: 1) The overhead rates for the month (5 pts) 2) The overhead cost for each job (5pts) 3) The total cost for each job (10 pts) 4) Briefly describe the difference between Job order and process costing, citing relevant examples (5 pts).


how will remove spiderweb cracking in plaster ? what the reasone of make it ?


what audit procedure i can do in the share capital account of a company and why it have been apply?


How to Display a file's associated icon?


How to Debugg Semaphores?


What is the use of java2iiop [options] {class name}


who are the maincustomer of a personnel department and which two qualities are important for those working there to display if it is fulfil its purpose?


Enteg Technologies Interview Questions
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