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Enteg Technologies Interview Questions
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How to transfer the objects? Have you transferred any objects?

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how can u write in single program call transaction and session method logic? if u

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differtent types of messages?

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what is the t-code to create INDEX in SAP BI(7.0)?/How can we create the index in SAP BW/BI?

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What is Connection Pooling?

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Comparison between SAP with any other ERP package avialable in the market

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Hi to all abap guru's my question is how to print the page numbers like 2 4 6 on all pagess in smart forms means 2 on first page 4 on second page thanks in advance

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How can u decide that how many records can be displayed in one page in scripts ? or in one window ? 2. what is enhancement category in transparent table ?

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A database table contains 3 fields(Student_no,Section,Total_marks).I want retrieve top 10 students from each section.Note:(Section contains data like A,B,C.Each section contains more than 10 students).

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Report zabc. Top-of-page. Write : 'Hello'. End-of-page. What is the output of the program.

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Why we have only 16 Dimension tables in a cube.Is there any reson.Is it a limitation?

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What is mean by Sensitive Earth fault & what are the effects

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How many Business Processes are in sap at time of implementation

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"Document 20000000 MC01 2012 is not a clearing document" I did transfer from GL to vendor by using t.code F-58 now i want to reverse this document. system showing above error. i tried t.code FB08 and FBRA Please suggest the possible solution..

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