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Emcure Health Pharma AllOther Interview Questions
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who is the father of pharmacy?

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can we test the application by inserting checkpoints using silktest as we do in qtp and winrunner and also what are the automation frameworks in silktest


i am trying to automate,in that site, when i go to automate the Leaving from field showing as a WEBEDIT, but when i enter 1 or 2 char, it displaying dropdownlist, i try to use keyboard automation to select the item from that list but it is not possible, can anybody help he. Thans for posting the Answer


What is MRP Profile and MRP Group?


How you Implemented SCD Type 1 & Type 2 in your project?


What is size 00, 01, 1 etc., in HRC fuse types?


how long you will worked with us???? why you left the previous company? how can you manage our company?


In Selenium how a test suit is run and report is generated.


If we write the script for login page and click on submit boutton then it opens order page...How we can validate that opened page is wether orderpage or not?


What are the advantages of SCSI compared to ATA or IDE ?


what is the difference between planned and non planned budgt


i am preparing for AAI JR EXECUTIVE exams so plz suggest the objective materail for preparation


You been asked to prepare a training class for completing expense statements. What points will you emphasize to insure accurate expense statements are submitted?


what is zone a n zone b?why the spacing of ring in zone a less.n zone b high?


If JOBA is in MSGW due to data decimal error and DUMP is generated and I found that Decimal field formatted with some special char which is coming from Input file amd file has millions of records. How I can find out on which record the error is occur. Please share your experience.....


what are the test bugs


Emcure Health Pharma AllOther Interview Questions
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