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AirIndia Interview Questions
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I have to give interviews in various airlines for cabin Crew.So,plz tell me abt various ques. Which r expected by Them

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what are your weaknesses?

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Why do you want to become an airhostess?

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Does n't simplification of complex honeycomb designed for thermal protection system of areusable launch vehicle jeopardize the accuracy of results?

1 3621 to sit in a interview(ie. about body language ) 2.why you would like to join the aviation industry. 3.why you selected this company.

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what is Team Player.

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What would u say when you are asked to give a self- introduction of yourself for a cabin attendant position?

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Hi friends I am going to attend Force motors Interview for R & D DEPT please tell me the Question about it.

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wat are the interview questions asked in air india for post service engineer

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Hi All , I would like to share my(Me) and my wife(W) H1B Interview. Interview Date: 28th Aug 2007 Place: Mumbai It went like this.

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why do you want become a cabin crew?

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what is ram jet?

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what is the best example of customer service that you have come ?

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What is the full form of AIR?

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why do you want to be cabin crew


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