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AirIndia Interview Questions
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Is buy or sale trade will impact on Nov? Yes/No Please explain.


what is the functionality of search window in CDMA? what is the difference between Ec/Io and Eb/No? What is meant by Link Budget analysis?


IN 1000kva transformer where the oil and winding temperature sensors is connected


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what is the techanical difference between german standard & japanese standard.


I have a job interview and I will be asked 1)-in depth multi carrier EVDO 2)-Traffic/Capacity engineering Any help is highly appreciated!


What do you think determines a person's progress in a good company?


What are the trends in open ocean catches in fisheries?


what are the differences between sugar and sap?


i want to check whether the particular cost center is assigned to which Controlling cycle.


please any body tell me ,the real time responsibilities of sap fico consultant and what r the tools used by him in his real time time job. i want the entire real time job scenario


How to I override a base class method in Visual Studio .NET and in Visual Studio 2005?


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AirIndia Interview Questions
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