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EDC Interview Questions
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How to close the winrunner window from the script itself?what is the code?

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I have a database backup file in .db (ext) form how to conver it into .dmp (ext.) for oracle database


how to convert .db (extention) database file into .dmp (extention ) for oracle database ?


What the capacitor Current formula?, For 1 KVAr how amps its required? for using the KVAr for boosting the PF Design Calculation.( Eg: for 30 KVAr required how many KW?)

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Hello sap tech gurus, please see if you can answer my questons with real life expreiences. 1. Explain me your expreience in customizing with Intercompany Billing? 2. give an example of unit testing and integration testing you have performed in your expreience? 3. While working with Copy control functionality, what exactly did you do within data transfer routines? Please answer any question or all questions possible. Thank you veryyy much in advance!!!. my email is

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how to determine motor size for a fan application?


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