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Ecil Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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1KVA transformer of different frequencies of 50hz,100hz,500hz&1000hz. which one of these transformer has big size? Give reason

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keeping in view of parallel operation which of the 3 phase transformer connection are possible? a)delta-delta to delta-star b) delta-delta to star-delta c) star-star to delta-delta d) delta-star to star-delta

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Can anybody inform me about the pattern of ECIL GET( Graduate Engineers Trainee) interview for Electrical students? Will there be HR round as well? I thought of preparing for 2 to 3 subjects thoroughly. Will it be sufficient? Please share your thoughts.


Tesla is the unit of which parameter?

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Relation between magnetic field strenght and magnetic induction is a) Voltage b) current c) Speed d) tarque

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Size of the 60Hz and 400Hz transformers is a) same b) 60Hz Tr s larger than 400Hz Tr c) 400Hz Tr s larger than 60Hz Tr d) None of the above

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Unit of Magnetic Flux Density a) Tesla b) weber c) Hendry d) Farad

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Find the octal equivalent for the binary number 101101110

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Which addressing mode contains the address for data as a part of the instruction in 8085.

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A 1F capacitor is charged to 100V initially. A 1H inductor is connected accros the capacitor througha a switch. The current in the circiut when the switch is closed is____


eddy current losses depends on?(a-max magnetic feild,b-avg magnetic feild,c-on frequency,d-on square of frequency)?

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For small size, high frequency coils, the most common core material is- a. )Air b. )Ferrite c.) Powdered ion d.) Steel


Sparking occur when a load is switched off because the circuit has high – a.) Inductance b.) Capacitance c.) Resistance d.) None

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What is the definition of ohms law?

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