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  • IELTS interview questions (2)

IELTS Interview Questions
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what is your favourite colour

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Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?

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Regarding export, We have Excisable goods for Export, issuing Form ARE1 (Annexure-1), If we'll pay Excise Duty with adjustment from our accumulated of cenvat and "Claim for rebate of Duty paid on goods exported."/ CE Rule 18 Which type shipping bill should be file for "Claim for rebate of Duty paid on goods exported. .......Plz advise now can we also get DBK all industry rate? Motive: To reduce the accumulation of heavy cenvat To claim the refund of duty drawback, duty paid on raw material components, parts, packing material & others applicable inputs under Section 4A of valuation act. FYIP, We are registered with deptt. of excise and availing the cenvat on all inputs. Availing facility of CENVAT credit under CENVAT credit rules, 2002


Why the earth to phase voltage is high 250 compare to other two phases


what is overflow and what are the conditions for which overflow possible?


why on delay timer used for fully automatic star delta starter?


Give details on how you intend to handle a challenging position you are posted to manage unexpectedly as a company staff?


'Cannot Load IDAPI Service Library' error. What does this error mean?


what are bitmap indexes? How does they work?


what do you know about May-Grunwald -Giemsa staining?


which one is currently in used software cmpanies.


Give the procedures in starting centrifugal pumps.


can you please explain the capital budgeting methods in any business?


what are aromatic plants?


if a customer's blackberry stopped syncing their calendar wirelessly what would you do?if a customber deleted mail from his blackberry but it did delete from his mailbox how would ypu resolve this


Short answer on _______Amendment


What is the function of co-group in Pig?


IELTS Interview Questions
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