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DHL Interview Questions
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what is vat? what is excise? what is form c & d in sales tax?

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what is marketin and sales

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what is connection between test plan tab and test lab tab? how can u access your test cases in test lab tab?

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Whether salary negotiable ?


tell me about yourself?

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what is your greatest strengths ans weaknesses points?

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What is stock transfer? for ex: if i purchase a product in chennai and i tranfer it to our branch which is in bangalore. shall the blr office can bill the product to their customer in blr.(purchse frm chennai and bill in blr office is possible?

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what is the difference between Supply Chain & Logistics???

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can any 1 say how much % is eligible for wipro bpo?


what is WCT?

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Tell me about your education & career?


why do have 2 months gap in employment?

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