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AIG Interview Questions
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int f() { int I = 12; int &r = I; r += r / 4; int *p = &r; *p += r; return I; } Referring to the sample code above, what is the return value of the function "f()"? a) 12 b) 15 c) 24 d) 17 e) 30

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IFLEX Placement Paper { Mohali ,10 May 2007}

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what is Portal(web based online portal)?

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what is server side caching?


Can anyone explain the procedure for configuring cognos8 with oracle as Content Manager/Content Store? I know the configuration of cognos8 with SQL SERVER (Like how to create CM database in oracle and applying securities to access that Database from cognos8 (Cognos Configuration)

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How to use Cascade Macro in Report studio? Anybody know about Cascade Macro & and the procedure to use?

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What will be the position of the owener of the company?If the company liablites are more than company assets . a. solvent b. insolvent c. profitable d. liquidity

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tell some thing about ur memorable moment..

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