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AIG Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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tell some thing about ur memorable moment..

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Sales tax waybill is required for how much value of invoice (for example we raise Rs.1000 bill is waybill required in andhra pradesh)


Why can't we do it thru some other client?


In order to comply with the matching principle, adjustment entries are made at the preparation of ----------


Hi, I am Samrat Saha. I did BCA & MBA ( major HR & minor System). i m 2009 passout. i also did Oracle Apps Core HRMS & SCM( O2C Transaction & setup, OM setup, Po Setup, INV Setup) certification... I Had 9 month experience on HR domain.. now i want to switch in Oracle Apps, as Functionalist.. i need help to get a job.. my email:


exolain the star delta connection


How should I maintain the test cases and Test Log for different versions/builds of the application.


hai anybody this srinivasareddy from polaris, if u don't mine can anybody send me meterial on clint server application


what is the difference between Document Type Definition and Document Type Declaration ?


how to toggle ms word to ms excel or ms excel to ms word


Why do you want to work for this company and how will you add to its success?


Describe The Complete actvities of the STORE KEEPER?


Hi All, An newbiee to silk test tool. I wanted to write a function which checks the browser type installed in the local machine & then based on the browser type test case should run. I tried little bit writing the function : Void Func_ValidateBrowserType() Window myWin myWin = Browser.GetRealBrowser () print (myWin) Any help please.. Thanks, V


why germanium is most suitable for DWDM systems?


What are the problems you faced while identifying an object in silk?


Write a c program to demonstrate character and string constants?


AIG Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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